Selendra is the brainchild of SmallWorld Venture, a venture seed funder based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. SmallWorld Venture began in 2011 by providing a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs and startups. …

A brief history of Selendra in cryptonomics

2015 : Blockchain R&D started

2016 : Bitcoin OTC (over the counter) via Bitriel for travelers who want KHR and USD

2017 : Piloted remittent application between SG/KH with Stellar Blockchain

2018 : Formation of Selendra team under Zeetomic codename

2019 : Pilot loyalty programs for local restaurant chains on Stellar Blockchain Selendra Blockchain R&D with Substrate framework began

Nov 2020 : Selendra testnet launched

Dec 2020 : Onboard 3 beta applications to testnet as test cases;
● Albazaar decentralized marketplace
● KOOMPI Fi-Fi users’ reward and payment
● Bitriel blockchain wallet

With the advent of blockchain technology in general, modern man has crossed a next-generation digital threshold, with business application opportunities abounding for young, progressive entrepreneur developers on the cutting edge of this technology. The Selendra Blockchain Network provides exciting, new, practical solutions for:

● decentralized e-commerce applications
● asset tokenization…

A. Introduction
Selendra token investors come in all sizes, both large and small, a globally diverse group of forward thinkers with interests in business, economics, and blockchain network development.

To embark on any ambitious project, initial seed capital is often needed, and initial token sales to early-stage investors help provide…

Whereas Bitcoin uses a half-life model every 4 years, Selendra (SEL) staking reward releases are distributed according to a declining 6% annual payout.

As per the graph below, during the first year of the initial network launch,
approximately 5% of total staking rewards are released. During each of the following years, for the next 20 years, there will be an approximate 5 to 6% decrease in rewards payable from year to year until all rewards are distributed.

In the advancing world of blockchain application development, as our reward
distribution cycle reaches full maturity, the Selendra reward schedule lays a solid foundation for first generation stakers and developers while continuing to reward the next generation. Selendra’s graduated decremental release method offers greater fairness for later-stage next-generation entrants as well as for early developers and stakers.

About Selendra

Selendra is a multi-blockchain nominated proof-of-stake cryptographic system built to facilitate micro-economic transactions. It is designed to be interoperable with other open blockchains and developable by developers and students with very minimal learning curve, and ease of use for end-users to interact and benefits from blockchain technology.

Selendra represents a…

Rithy THUL

An incidental entrepreneur, a bicycle lover, electronic enthusiast. Interested in technology, energy, astronomy, philosophy, #Bitcoin and #Selendra.

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